Our slaughterhouses are characterized by matching all principles of Islamic laws, to supply Halal meat. In addition they are well equipped with the latest technology and advanced logistics facilities to provide a complete processing cycle, in less than 18 hours, from the slaughtering and processing to shipping the meat to target destination. The facilities of slaughterhouses include cold storage, skin processing unit and vet services.

The slaughterhouses of the Group distribute the meat products from the following countries at annual production capacity (head per annum):
  • Jordan: (900,000 sheep)
  • Egypt: (130,000 cattle)
  • Ethiopia: (600,000 sheep)
  • Australia: (600,000 sheep)


Al Shahd beverages factory was established over more than 33 thousands m 2land in 2005. The factory is considered as one of the largest factories in the Middle East. It currently has many production lines and accessories as well as 3 main filling lines with a total capacity of 600 thousands hectoliters.

The factory was built by leading companies specialized in food manufacturing:
The American Miller and the Belgium Meura company to utilize the latest equipment and technologies. The company’s products distributed to all Arabic countries in addition to Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives, and France covering thousands of stores and outlets.

The factory was awarded international quality certificates in respect to management and production (ISO and HACCP certificates, Jordan quality mark, etc).


  • Natural fruit drink
  • Soft drink
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Power drinks
  • Mood
  • Proud
  • Carmen
  • Al Aziza
  • Yoga Kids
  • Animations
  • Challenger
  • Balefire

Al Maraaie

Al Maraai for Food Industries Company was established in early 1990s as a translation to the vision and goals of the group, and to be part of the integrated business model.

It is aimed at providing all kinds of processed animal, poultry and fish meat with a production capacity of 35 tons per day. The company has built a cold storage unit and equipped with transportation fleet .

The Group has established a factory for meat manufacturing and packing,and is able to produce frozen and canned foods to satisfy all tastes, and health concerns. In addition the Group is committed to provide food to all segments of consumers of various budgets and needs, and believe that the food processing factory is a perfect solution, at a time when there is insufficient supply, where some attempt to take advantage of market prices. The main product lines includes:

  • Frozen and processed meat (burger, minced meat, shish kebab,…etc.)
  • Refrigerated and fumigated meat (processed meat, sausage, salami,…etc.)
  • Pastry (pizza, all kinds of samosas, kubbeh,….etc.)
  • Luncheon and cold cuts of different kinds and in various packages (bovine, chicken, Anwar, and the trademark AlQuds,…etc.).

Al Maraaie factory was built and designed by major international companies specialized in this field in conformity with modern scientific and technological practices. The factory is equipped with state of the art quality control laboratory aimed at controlling production thoroughly. Al Maraaie has well experienced technical staff that consistently has been raising the bar of quality and supporting the excellent reputation of the company. The factory was one of the first corporations to obtain International quality certificates in respect of management and production (ISO and HACCP certificates, Jordan quality mark), applying all principles of Islamic law. Given all the above success, Al Maraaie succeeded in exporting its products to many countries across the world, for example Arab Gulf countries, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Libya Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.