Marine Transport

The vessels of “Emirates Future” are represents the key assets of the company, are and one of the true secrets behind the group success and the power that make “ the Emirates Future ” world leading company in livestock business. The “Emirates Future” is considered as one of unique companies in livestock shipping using latest shipping technology and modernize vessels.These advantages do not exists in other livestock companies which make difficult for others competitors ship cattle,sheep,goats,camels to global market in most efficient way and timely manner. Unlike Others,the company have long experience and extensive knowledge in building/converting ships to become accredited livestock carriers by the competent international companies.This in fact has,pushed many not to engage in this domain because of need of high capital,specialized operational management risks.

The work of mastering vessels conversion, operation, maintenance and scheduling its voyages, are some examples of the accumulated experience that was acquired through-out 30 years of running business at professional level at global scale. With more than 150 thousands square meter of area, the fleet in a single year can move more than 4.5 million of sheep. All fleet vessels are an environment friendly and fully compliant with all regulatory frameworks. In addition, the vessels are equipped with state of the art technologies and systems to ensure most efficient operation. Converting the vessels to become livestock carrying vessels require research & development team, in-depth studies and thorough inspections to design the best capacity and stability. The conversion process is typically done in very reputable best class shipyards, which makes it easier to shorten the conversion process. On average a vessel can take between 2-3 years to be ready for sail, our group has managed to reduce the average period and keep it to less than one year!. As a result the Group has received patents for ventilation systems on ship’s board, which confirms the group interest of the research and development. Highly qualified management and crew team manage the vessels, putting the animal health & welfare safe operation, and environment before the operational cost top priority list.