To occupy a leading position in achieving the global food security, as we can provide food commodities, secure access, and ensure consumed by in need categories in all States, with the most economic effectiveness and focusing on the best quality standards of environment, under the sustainability conditions; and applying the provisions of Islamic law.


Our mission is to provide the integrated strategic solutions to food security in order ensure the continuity of the food supply, through our seeking to expand our investments and set a relations strategy, and building the full value chain, through adopting the advanced marketing strategies, depending on research and development with keeping up with global standards. We confirmed to our commitment to the highest degree of quality, integrity, and outstanding performance, with social responsibilities, and the preservation of the environment and fulfill our promises to shareholders.

Food Security is considered as one of the biggest challenges of our times, and is pressing an issue that require global efforts at all levels to drive the world to the safety. We in “Emirates Future” decided to have and active role to contribute to the integrated strategic solutions to food security.

In order to ensure the continuity of the food supply, we seek to expand our investments and to enhance our business year after year, through strategic partnerships with our vendors and clients, and building the full value chain which will enable us to respond to the market needs efficacy and effectively. What we adopted of the advanced marketing strategies to provide new products, and open different markets supported with hedging policies, which limit the market fluctuations, represents a strong foundation for achieving our goals.

We in “Emirates Future” realized the importance of research and development and advanced technology to achieve the best quality standards for food products with access to the highest levels of productivity and competitive economic efficiency. Thus we adopt sources for research and development, this has led us to improve the competitiveness of the company, while keeping abreast of international standards and specifications for food security. Also we keep in mind the highest international standards in all areas of work such as corporate governance, a commitment to the highest level of integrity, quality, and concern for the environment.

We promise all possible efforts to maintain our outstanding performance and to get the maximum return to the shareholders investment and continuing to carry our corporate social responsibilities and our promises to sustainable green environment.

We assure you that “Emirates Future” Group is not just a distinguished supplier of for food commodities, but it is your strategic partner who able to meet the challenges of food security. With the complements of the Group management.